Old Dog, New Tricks

Mike JulianI'm Mike Julian, founder of SmartestRetirement. In 1994 I didn’t need a website. I had a phone, a car, and a pen. I met people; we talked and did business face to face with a handshake. They knew me, trusted me and were friends and clients. Now, we “click” to buy anything. Do you know the company or the product? That is why I created this. I want you to know my business and me. THEN you can “click” and we can do business. We can still do it with a smile and a handshake too.

Approaching Retirement?

If you are about to enter the world of retirement, you have lots of questions. I want to help you with answers.

Turning 65 Workshops

We offer workshops about Medicare for those about to turn 65, packed with information you need to know about this critical topic.