picture of Mikepicture of HoustonI was born in Houston and have lived here my entire life except for my duty overseas in the Army, and my time at college 90 miles away. I received my license in 1994 and have helped many families since then. I do this because I like to help people. I don’t  use tricks or sales gimmicks. I listen to you and what you need, and IF you need something, I will find the best match.  If you don’t need anything or what you have is working fine, I will tell you that as well.  I only want to put you in a better position, plain and simple.  If you want a big showroom, fancy clothes, or unbelievable deals, I am not your guy. If you want an honest evaluation of your situation and appropriate recommendations, then you will be happy with my service. That is my promise. Always has been, always will be.

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